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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Lincoln Riley names Bill Bedenbaugh and Cale Gundy co-offensive coordinators

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Lincoln Riley’s staff at Oklahoma is now set for 2017.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When Bob Sttops retired and Lincoln Riley took over as head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, we were all left to wonder what Riley would do with the staff. We already knew that Riley would be the primary play-caller, but he has now announced that offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh and inside receivers coach Cale Gundy now each hold the title of co-offensive coordinator. No changes have been made on the defensive side of the ball since the hire of Ruffin McNeill, and all offense coaches will handle the same position groups.

The decision to give the co-offensive coordinator title to Bedenbaugh and Gundy seems like an appropriate move. We all know that Riley is still the head honcho on offense, but both of these guys are deserving of the new title. Bedenbaugh is a fantastic offensive line coach and a dynamite recruiter, and stuff such as this will help to ensure that he sticks around for at least a few more years. Cale, on the other hand, has paid his dues on the Oklahoma coaching staff since Bob Stoops took over in 1999. He’s been a great recruiter and has been as loyal to Oklahoma as anyone, so I think all OU fans should feel very happy for him.

We’ll have to wait and see if these two will receive much of a bump in responsibility (if any at all), but we do know that Riley’s staff is now complete. In January, Oklahoma will be able to hire an additional assistant, and there’s a good chance that Riley will hire a QB coach.