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Oklahoma Sooners Football - Report: Lincoln Riley agrees to five-year deal

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According to reports, Lincoln Riley’s salary averages out to $3.5 million per year.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports from the University of Oklahoma’s June Board of Regents meeting, Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley has agreed to a new deal with OU (his first as a head coach). Riley will reportedly make $3.1 million in his first season, and his salary will average out to $3.5 million over five years.

Acording to John Shinn of, other coaching salaries have also been finalized. Ruffin McNeal will reportedly make $560k, while offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh will now earn $535k after a $110k raise. I think most of you are aware of how highly I think of Coach Bedenbaugh, so you can sense my enthusiasm when I say that this raise is well deserved. He’s a phenomenal coach and recruiter, and Lincoln Riley needs to keep him in Norman for as long as he can!

Additionally, running backs coach Jay Boulware earned a raise of 55k to bump his salary up to $400k. That man recruits the running back position as well as anyone in the country, so he certainly deserves a bump in compensation as well.

Finally, Bob Stoops will reportedly make $325k annually in his new role within the athletic department.