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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Madden 18, Bob Stoops’ Home in Chicago, and More!

EA Sports is bringing back NCAA Football... sort of.

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Happy Tuesday, Sooner fans!

I’ve got to admit, I have some mixed emotions at the moment. Bob Stoops isn’t the head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, which still hasn’t sunken in yet. I keep experiencing feelings of hope, sorrow and nostalgia, and I’m sure that’s still the case for many of you.

I’m elated over the recent news from the recruiting trail. Ron Tatum, a very talented defensive end form OKC, has pledged allegiance to the Oklahoma Sooners after a brief commitment to Texas. It didn’t seem like there was much finality in his original commitment to Texas (there never really is until they put pen to paper), but this was extremely welcome news nonetheless. Not only are the Sooners getting a very talented player, but Lincoln Riley’s staff has also sent a strong message to the folks south of the Red River. I think Calvin Thibodeaux took more joy in it than anyone else.

Finally, most Oklahomans such as myself experienced plenty of emotions while watching Kevin Durant win Finals MVP last evening. I’ve been pretty vocal in my displeasure with Kevin Durant’s decision to go to the Warriors, and last night felt like a punch in the gut. However, I felt oddly happy for the guy. I’m probably going to catch some crap from friends and family for saying that, but it’s true.

Anyway, here’s some more stuff about Bob Stoops and the Sooners!

OU Links

  • Many thought Bob Stoops’ purchase of a very expensive home in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood was a telling sign of something to occur in the future (such as a potential job with the Chicago Bears down the road). However, Bob explained the purchase on the Tulsa Sports Animal on Tuesday morning. He’s had a house there since 2006, and he’s selling it following his most recent purchase.
  • Jenni Carlson explains how Stoops changed more than just the football program at Oklahoma. I don’t necessarily agree with every point she makes, but she does a pretty solid job here.
  • Baker Mayfield is drawing comparisons to Tyrod Taylor, which I think is accurate in some ways.
  • John Hoover writes about Ron Tatum’s flip and the message it sends to Texas.

National Links