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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Tom Herman Sucks at Golf

Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman needs to work on his swing.

NCAA Football: Texas Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, Sooner Nation!

Considering that it’s only mid-May, it’s probably unhealthy to already be impatiently waiting on football, but here I am -- and, if you’re reading this, chances you are too.

The summer stretch can be a rough one, and we’re just hitting the dog days. Stay patient, and try to show some extra love to Sooner softball and baseball in the meantime. We’ll keep you up to date until the September 2 opener.

Without further ado:

OU Links:

National Links:

  • Ready for some peak offseason pettiness? Here’s Texas head coach Tom Herman (left) and his terrible swing: