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2017 NFL Draft: Dede Westbrook Selected by Jacksonville Jaguars in 4th Round

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The speedy receiver could become a breakout star at the next level.

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Oklahoma wide receiver and Biletnikoff Award winner Dede Westbrook has been selected in the 4th Round (110th overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Westbrook broke out big-time in 2016, sending him to New York for the Heisman ceremony and right to the top of many draft boards. But after December revelations about his troubled past, Dede’s draft stock fell quickly as teams scrambled to evaluate the risk/reward of a Westbrook pick.

Unlike Joe Mixon, Westbrook attended the NFL Combine and had many opportunities to reassure NFL teams. However, it’s been said that his interviews with teams went very poorly, further harming his draft stock.

That said, this could turn into an absolute steal for the Jaguars if Dede shows the kind of focus and talent that defined his 2016 season. If Leonard Fournette pans out, Blake Bortles may finally have the skill position help he needs to figure something out and take a crucial next step. A Fournette/Westbrook combo could be especially lethal in the future, because defenses need to respect Westbrook’s speed but also keep Fournette contained.

Westbrook’s presence will also free up the two Allens (Robinson and Hurns) on the outside. And Dede will have plenty of Sooner support on the team, meeting up with former OU star Aaron Colvin.

There’s no denying that Westbrook is an exceptional talent. His straight-line speed, physicality and quickness could make him a major asset in Jacksonville.