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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Early Signing Day, Paul Finebaum vs. Dusty Dvoracek, and more!

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Early Signing Day will have big implications for schools, recruits, and coaches alike

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Sooner Nation!

There’s a change likely coming to how Signing Day functions. Once the proposal passes the Conference Commissioners Association (which seems likely), there will be an early Signing Day just before Christmas that coincides with the traditional junior college date.

Bob Stoops has long been on record that he’s a fan of these early signing periods, and it makes sense: he can lock down recruits into a binding written agreement instead of the tenuous verbal agreement that risks his recruit being flipped elsewhere (like in the case of Jacob Phillips of LSU). However, it’s something that would make like difficult for small programs, whose commits may prefer to wait for bigger offers.

Bud Elliott’s article (READ IT) has a great explanation of the nitty-gritty of the soon-to-be rule change, but it seems to be a win all around for Oklahoma and other big schools.

On the other side of the coin, schools that rely on recruits to flip will miss out, and recruits like late bloomers could end up missing out big time. Another interesting scenario is a coaching change: what happens if the coach who recruited a player bolts to another school? This situation can occur under the current system, but would be more prevalent under the new one.

OU Links:

  • Paul Finebaum weighed in on the Sooners’ recent off-the-field discipline issues, and he was harsh, calling Stoops ‘a great coach’ but a ‘total failure’ in discipline. Former OU player Dusty Dvoracek counters Finebaum’s argument in the second half of the clip:
  • Also, did you know that Dusty invented the man bun? His Stoops impression is clearly a little but out of practice, though:

National Links:


  • I always try to include an album or a song that came out in this section. Today, that was really easy. If you’re a hip-hop fan, drop what you’re doing and listen to DAMN.: