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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Texas coach Tom Herman is very particular about urine color

Texas’ new football coach is kind of a weirdo.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Longhorns head football coach Tom Herman has been providing rival fans with plenty of laughs in recent weeks. However, this one may take the cake (no pun intended).

Yep, Herman is now taping “hydration charts” above urinals at the facility in an effort to make sure that his players are drinking enough water on a daily basis. Although an admirable pursuit, I’m not so sure that the signs are necessary. If you need to look at a chart to know what healthy piss looks like, you probably have much bigger issues in your life than inadequate hydration.

Of course, this is likely at least done partially in jest (the “bad guy” thing seems something included facetiously). However, Herman’s obsession with hydration is well documented. According to an article written by Max Olsen for, players are forced to do up-downs if they’re ever caught without their gallon of water (which they’re supposed to have with them at all times). So again, his intentions are good, but the dude is kind of a weirdo about hydration.

One final note...

Does anyone else notice the urine color Tom Herman associates with being a “bad guy”? Kind of looks like burnt orange to me...

That settles it, I guess. If you’re an Oklahoma fan in need of a way in which to describe your rival’s primary color, you need not look any further than the chart provided by Herman!


Does your urine meet the Texas Standard?

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    No, I’m a BAD GUY
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