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Oklahoma Sooners Football: OU’s New Football Facility Is Going to Be Incredible

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OU released some updates that are sure to excite the fans.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Programs such as Alabama, Clemson and Oregon have incredible football facilities that will make any recruit’s jaw drop to the floor. It now appears that Oklahoma’s facility will have the same effect.

OU’s athletic department has released some videos and photos detailing the new football facility features, and it’s all pretty impressive.

I can’t really point out one particular thing that stands out, and that’s due to the fact it all looks equally impressive. The lockers with the ventilation and LED nameplates are pretty unique, the trophy display area is going to be great for fans and visitors, and the amount of space in the training area is going to make Jerry Schmidt a happy man (on the inside, at least). As far as actual functionality is concerned, this facility is going to check off all the boxes for every prospect who walks through there.

17-year-old kids, however, often see this stuff and don’t necessarily think about how they will utilize it. Instead, they often compare the flashiness and newness of a facility to others that they have visited. Luckily, this place looks like it will definitely pass the test from an aesthetic standpoint.

The positive impact that this will have on recruiting cannot be overstated. This place is going to keep Oklahoma at or near the top of the list for some elite prospects, so this is money well spent by the donors.

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