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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Tulsa Tried to Throw Shade at Baker Mayfield

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Nice try, TU!

Tulsa v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

I’ve always liked the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. I’ve also always said that they’re every Oklahoman’s second-favorite team. I’ve never rooted against them (unless they’re playing the Sooners, of course) and I’ve always taken pleasure in watching them win December bowl games. Relations between the schools and programs have always been incredibly civil (at least during my lifetime). However, the social media folks in Green Country decided to take a jab at Baker Mayfield’s current situation, and it was actually pretty clever.

This, without a doubt, was an attempt to make fun of the Oklahoma QB for being taken down by the cops in the early hours of Saturday morning in Fayetteville, Ark. As you are all well aware, the Heisman finalist was taken to the ground and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest. Why you gotta do us like that, Tulsa?

It’s actually a fairly clever jab at an in-state “rival”. However, there’s one problem...

This tweet shows a play for TU’s match-up with OU from Sept. 19 of 2015. On that day, Baker Mayfield accumulated 572 yards of total offense (487 passing, 85 rushing) and six total touchdowns. From my recollection, that was one of the few times he was even brought to the ground that day.

Here are some highlights:

This was a good idea in theory, but they unfortunately only had one game against Baker Mayfield to work with. That particular game happened to be one in which Baker carved a defense worse than any Sooner had in school history up to that point, so the post kind of opened them up for some jabs on Twitter.

Tulsa, I admire your creativity, but I’m afraid you missed the mark on this one.