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Oklahoma Sooners Football: What They’re Saying About Baker Mayfield

Baker’s got the Internet goin’ nuts.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Auburn vs Oklahoma Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In case you forgot it was Oklahoma’s offseason, Baker Mayfield just sent you a reminder Saturday morning. Naturally, Twitter (and Oklahoma State’s fanbase) were ablaze all day...

Not the end of the world but a blunder nonetheless, especially considering the zero-tolerance policy the program has been under for the last few years. Guerin Emig’s take:


But remember, Sooner fans, it could be worse... Thanks, Baylor!

Hey, Skip. Just put the Twitter down already.

Hey Skip, do the names Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel or Cam Newton ring a bell? For a more informed perspective on how this incident could possibly affect Baker’s Heisman chances, if at all, here’s Travis Haney’s take via 247Sports:

With little buzz about him as an NFL prospect, Mayfield opted to return for another season at OU. As far as one, final run at a Heisman Trophy, the arrest doesn't in any way preclude Mayfield from winning in 2017. Remember that Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel was arrested and faced similar charges prior to his Heisman win in 2012.

- Travis Haney

Hey Skip, stop tweeting and go grab yourself a nice bag of Paul Finebaums.

Baker’s pro stock will likely take a slight hit by this arrest, if only because of an extended Johnny Manziel comparison — which now encompasses off-the-field theatrics to go with the quarterbacks’ similar on-field heroics — becoming a talking point among NFL execs and team personnel next spring. But Baker’s main obstacle to becoming a pro QB, like Manziel, is still his size. This tweet from NBC Sports and Pro Football Talk, however, does capture the early, blown-out-of-proportion reaction that was only inevitable:

The latest on Bake from Jake:

And then there’s comedy...

Speaking of that prospective officer-turned-linebacker:

...Because the dude would probably start in Stillwater:

Obviously, Little Brother fans have been soiling themselves all day over this. But little do they know they’re losing recruits because of it, like this potential five-star get here (don’t let the cute girl name fool you, this kid’s a beast):

But we know you guys really, really wanted Levi Draper.

Let’s face it: (Hopefully) Sober Cop vs. Sloppy Drunk Baker is not a fair snap by any stretch. There would’ve been, like, no time to even call an audible.

Reports also include Baker Mayfield sobering up at lightning-quick pace, displaying the extraordinary hydrating skills of a superhuman:

All jokes aside, this guy gets it. Thanks, man. Right back at ya:

As a fan and alumnus, I just hope no felonies are charged for our favorite Sooner signal caller, and this wake-up call gives Baker even more of an edge to wreck shop next season. Kyler Murray may need to hang up his baseball cleats a little early, as a few more spring/summer snaps with the 1’s are likely headed his and Austin Kendall’s way. But if it is only a one-game suspension (if anything) for Baker to start the season, let’s just hope the rust shakes off his shoulders early in Columbus and we can all put yet another wild, offseason night on the streets of a college town behind us.

Damn, I really wish the Sooners had a trip to Fayetteville (FOR GAME PURPOSES ONLY) on the schedule next season.

UPDATE: Here’s the best tweet.

Never change, Barry. Never change.