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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting: K’Jakyre Daley Signs With Oklahoma

There may not be a more confident young man in the ‘17 class

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K’Jakyre Daley has signed with the Sooners!

The 6’3”, 230 lbs. three-star outside linebacker out of Riviera Beach, Florida has flown under the radar of most programs even in the late stages of the recruiting process. The OU staff had been on him for a while – Daley committed in October – and despite Florida State chasing him hard in the last month, Daley eventually decided on the Sooners.

In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced just like you would pronounce ‘Jakari.’ Don’t worry, I was struggling too before he joined the Big XII Country on the Trail podcast.

In all seriousness, though, Daley seems like a confident, talented, and nice kid who should help shore up the depth in the linebacker spot.

How does he fit in?

With Obo and Caleb Kelly coming on strong on in the later part of the year, Daley will find himself in a position to learn early. Although Kelly is just a sophomore, he displayed not only his athleticism but his intelligence, keenness, and play-recognition abilities as the year went on. Daley is a raw prospect, but Obo and Kelly are fine players to learn behind.

In the aforementioned podcast, Daley compared himself to Obo, athletic enough and fast enough to get after the quarterback. Daley also mentioned Eric Striker as a linebacker he looks up to, letting on that Mike Stoops sees a large, deadlier version of Striker in him. Yeah, you read that right – remember what I said about Daley being confident?

Clearly, the mentality, the confidence, and the frame are there for Daley. For him, it will simply be a matter of following coaching and leadership until he gets his chance to shine.