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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting: Punter Reeves Mundschau Officially Signs With the Sooners

The New Braunfels could help give Austin Seibert a load off.

Oklahoma State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

I want you, the reader, to understand that what I’m about to say is 100% sincere and not in any way a joke or a dig at the position: I love punters. And Reeves Mundschau is truly a punter’s punter, if ever there were one.

He’s a product of the Kohl’s Kicking Camp, who had this to say about his performance:

“Mundschau had an outstanding showing at the 2016 Kohl's Underclassman Challenge and National Scholarship Camp. He was one of the top charted punters at camp and had some impressive drill work throughout the event. He hit the highest punts at camp in Jan of 2016. His leg strength was impressive with multiple 5.0 hang-times at the Underclassman Challenge during the competition phase. He is a very consistent punter who should contribute early at Oklahoma.”

How does he fit in?

Austin Seibert operated as both the punter, place-kicker, and field-goal kicker for the Sooners last season. Though Seibert had handled punting and kicking duties before, the addition of the kick-off was new. Perhaps coincidentally, his field goal accuracy took a hit, falling from close to 80% to just below 70%.

While we can’t be sure that the additional duties affected Seibert, Sooners special teams coach Jay Boulware let on that Seibert was only practicing three days a week because of his workload.

The Sooners wouldn’t have spent their time trailing a punter if he weren’t primed to immediately make an impact. If Mundschau can prove he’s a valuable weapon, he could take over punting duties to help relieve Seibert’s workload.