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Oklahoma Sooners National Signing Day 2017: Tracking Letters of Intent and Commitments

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Keep up to date with all of Wednesday's action with this handy tracker. We'll be updating this live throughout the day, so keep it locked here.

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The day is finally here, Sooner fans! After today, we can finally stop fretting about who will flip and whatnot. We’ll dwell on today’s events for a few days before gearing up for spring practice, which is an exciting time of year in its own right.

To help you sift through all of today’s craziness, we've set up this post to track who's signing where and who's still up for grabs.

We've set up three different lists:

- First, we're tracking signed Letters of Intent as they become official, including the 11 early enrollees already on campus in Norman.

- Next are the guys who are committed but have not yet signed. Once these guys sign, we’ll have stories complete with highlights and whatnot for your enjoyment.

- Finally, we have the ones that got away: any late Oklahoma targets who signed to another school.

Signed a National Letter of Intent

These guys have put pen to paper:

4-star DB Justin Broiles (early enrollee)

4-star ILB Levi Draper (early enrollee)

4-star DE/OLB Addison Gumbs (early enrollee)

4-star QB Chris Robison (early enrollee)

4-star RB Trey Sermon (early enrollee)

4-star TE Grant Calcaterra (early enrollee)

4-star C Creed Humphrey (early enrollee)

4-star JuCo WR Marquis Brown (early enrollee)

3-star LB Kenneth Murray (early enrollee)

3-star JuCo RB Marcelias Sutton (early enrollee)

3-star TE/H-back Jeremiah Hall (early enrollee)

4-star ATH Ryan Jones (7:06 AM)

3-star OLB K’Jakyre Daley (7:07 AM)

3-star DT Zacchaeus McKinney (7:13 AM)

4-star G Tyrese Robinson (7:13 AM)

4-star WR Charleston Rambo (7:22 AM)

4-star DE Isaiah Thomas (7:25 AM)

3-star DE Troy James (7:27 AM)

3-star DT Tyreece Lott (7:27 AM)

4-star WR CeeDee Lamb (7:28 AM)

4-star S Robert Barnes (7:29 AM)

3-star CB Tre Norwood (7:37 AM)

3-star P Reeves Mundschau (7:38 AM)

4-star RB Kennedy Brooks (7:39 AM)

4-star OT Adrian Ealy (8:02 AM)

4-star CB Tre Brown (8:17 AM)

4-star G Marquis Hayes (8:18 AM)

The ones that got away

These guys signed with another school:

4-star LB Tyler Taylor - LSU

3-star DT Joshua Rogers - Texas A&M

5-star DT Marvin Wilson - Florida State