Dawg Fan Here

Words cannot describe how exciting this game is. I think this game is better than the Bama Clemson game. And I was really surprised to hear we have never played you guys before.

This is it though, for all the marbles. Finally we may be able to answer one of college footballs biggest questions. Is the Big 12 offenses just that good or is the SEC defenses just that good? I cannot wait. I plan on being here through out the month leading up to the game. I am going to be friendly and respectful and all of that good stuff. But it’s football so there’s going to be a little trash talk.

A few hot takes I’ve seen In the comments section that I want to address.

1. "UGA hasn’t played an offense even close to that of OU" - Thats kind of true but mostly false. Disclaimer: there is no offense in America as good as the Sooners. However...we have played this kind of offense 3 times. Twice with auburn. Auburn’s offense is easily comparative to the Sooners. OU just has a slightly better QB. Then the 3rd one was with Missouri. Now I know people hare gonna say "really it’s Mizzou", but look at what those tigers have done on their win streak. Drew Lock is an NFL Qb if you ask me. I say all of that to say do not assume we are going to be like a deer in headlights against your offense.

2. Stop comparing our defense to TCU and OSU. Georgia is twice as talented as TCU and better schematically than OSU.

3. I do think it’s true that Baker Mayfield can drop 30 on our defense. I’m very impressed by him. Should be fun to watch.

4. And I don’t think your defense is as bad as every one thinks it is. It’s like the Atlanta Falcons 2016 Defense. Yea they give up points cause they are dropping 40 on everyone. Should be fun

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