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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Baker Mayfield added to his legend with Rose Bowl Media Day appearance

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Baker Mayfield did a very Baker Mayfield thing on Saturday by making a surprise appearance.

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Even in the days leading up to the Rose Bowl Game, the legend of Baker Mayfield continues to grow. Since the Oklahoma Sooners arrived in California, a whirlwind of questions concerning the Heisman Trophy winner’s health has dominated the CFP headlines. Though Mayfield reportedly hasn’t missed any practice time, he has been held back from extra-curricular team functions in order to maximize his recovery. And just when it seemed like No. 6 would miss yet another media event, he rolled up at the eleventh hour like a total boss:

So first things first: who was the unsung hero that chauffeured Baker in style? His name is Andy Galestanian. If you’re not familiar with who he is then that’s perfectly okay, because Andy doesn't know who Baker Mayfield is, either. Well, at least he didn’t know who he was initially. Once the group of camera operators sprang into action, Andy realized Baker was no ordinary passenger. And if you’re reading this, Andy, just know that you’re the real MVP.

In a season where Baker Mayfield regularly commanded the attention of the college football world, the magic man himself wowed his audience yet again with another jaw-dropping improvisation. In his press session, Mayfield explained why he chose to attend the event, and his reasons couldn’t be more reflective of the type of leader he is.

Instead of watching his coaches and teammates field questions about the status of their QB, Mayfield elected to answer those questions himself. While he admitted that he’s still not feeling his best, he also made it clear that he is steadily improving and that he has every intention of playing on Monday.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield lead an epic 4th-quarter comeback and effectively silence a raucous horde of over 100,00 screaming Vols on Rocky Top.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield sprint around the field in a “BACK-TO-BACK BIG 12 CHAMPIONS” shirt after defeating Oklahoma State in 2016.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield play like a magician at Ohio State before planting the OU flag at midfield.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield remind Baylor players about who their daddy was, then curve an adult film star after the game.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield wear a golden hat and ride an imaginary horse off the field after beating Texas.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield account for 479 yards and 4 TDs, only to learn that he did so after missing an entire week of practice with a shoulder injury.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield set a school record for passing yards in one of the most important Bedlam games in history.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield throw a football at a TCU player’s head for running through receiver drills.

I’ve seen Baker Mayfield get back at the Jayhawks and their fans after players refused to shake his hand.

Hell, it won’t be long before I’ll be able to say that I’ve seen Baker Mayfield go from an unknown resident in the Muldrow Tower dormitory to the most popular immortal in Heisman Park.

Baker Mayfield is a legend, and his appearance on Saturday proved it once again.

With so much discussion surrounding the flu-like symptoms Mayfield has been experiencing, there are some who are drawing comparisons to Michael Jordan’s famous ‘Flu Game’. In Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, Jordan battled a flu-like illness that would have left most too debilitated to play basketball at the highest level. Luckily for the Chicago Bulls, this is Michael Jordan we’re talking about here. As the story goes, Jordan put on a valiant performance and captured the monster win.

By all accounts, Mayfield expects be good to go once the game starts, instead of actively struggling with the illness in-game like Jordan did. What I find particularly interesting is that after that epic Game 5, the Bulls won the championship in Game 6. Of course, the Sooners will be one win away from the ultimate prize if they take down UGA. Now I’m not the superstitious type, but I have noticed that history tends to repeat itself in strange ways. Oh, and don’t forget OU’s connection to the Jordan Brand starting in 2018. I’m just saying...

When the Sooners take the field in Pasadena, it’ll have been four months to the day since the legend himself called his shot. Baker Mayfield knew this was going to be a special season, and so far he’s delivered. His voice may not be where he wants it, but his focus is exactly where it should be. With fire in his belly and magic in his hands, his legend continues to unfold before our eyes.

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