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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Baker Mayfield responds to Mark Schlereth’s hate

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Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield made sure to put Mark Schlereth in his place last evening.

Heisman Trophy Presentation - Press Conference Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Happy Friday, friends and fans! The bowl season is moving right along, and the Big 12 is representing itself well with a nice record of 4-2. The Oklahoma Sooners will look to give the conference its biggest win in years on Monday, but first I want to highlight a little something that happened yesterday evening.

Mark Schlereth, who you may know for being an NFL analyst on major sports networks such as ESPN and Fox Sports, has not been shy about his feelings towards the Heisman Trophy:

Baker Mayfield chimed in, and I’d say he feels a bit differently than Schlereth does:

Yep, it’s pretty obvious that Schlereth doesn’t watch the games. The only “garbage” out of all of this is his obvious ignorance of Mayfield’s ability and style. Toss it in with all the other chips.

Schlereth then backpedaled faster than an NFL DB:

For today’s edition of Hot Links, Charles Barkley wears a No. 6 Sooners jersey on TV, people are kind of freaking out about Baker Mayfield’s illness, and more!

OU Links:

  • Charles Barkley, an Auburn alum, has a good reason to root against Georgia in the College Football Playoff. Because the Bulldogs beat the Tigers and kept them out of the final four, Barkley has been openly rooting for Baker Mayfield and the Sooners to defeat UGA. ‘NBA on TNT’ host Ernie Johnson, a Georgia alum, wasn’t going to just sit there and take it, and now we have this awesome moment in television history:
  • Although Oklahoma opened up as the Rose Bowl favorite, the line has shifted towards Georgia. Baker and Oklahoma seem to relish in the underdog role, so I don’t see this as a negative at all.
  • Anonymous coaches were asked about the matchups between Oklahoma and Georgia, and there’s just a boat-load of interesting information and perspective here. Something in particular that stuck out to me was the part about UGA’s d-line. If those guys aren’t as effective, allowing OU’s OL to win the battles, then it’s going to be a very long day for the Bulldogs.
  • I was going to talk about Baker Mayfield’s illness, but instead I’ll suggest you talk to Coach Riley:
  • It appears Lincoln has this topic on lockdown. This sort of run-around is kind of amusing, but in all seriousness I hope Mayfield’s truly fine. Reports are that he has practiced with the team but has been instructed to stay back during the team outings to Disneyland and now apparently media pressers.
  • Okay now this is getting a little absurd:
  • Alright, I’m officially off the Baker Mayfield bandwagon. Personally, I’m an avid proponent of the Squirtle Squad. I just can’t believe he would limit himself like that when he could have picked Charmander. (these are the jokes, people.)
  • Honestly, if this is going to become a thing, I’m here for it:
  • He’s a man you’ve probably never heard of, but if it wasn’t for Kelly Damphousse, it’s highly possible that Baker Mayfield’s Sooner career would not have made it this far. Damphousse was instrumental in amending the rule that once affected the eligibility of walk-on transfers.
  • This is actually a really great metaphor. Well done, Brooke Pryor:
  • In an interview, West Virginia men’s basketball coach Bob Huggins said he believes the Sooners are the best team in the Big 12 Conference right now. He cited the combination of Lon Kruger, Trae Young and the veteran cast around him. He also confessed that if he were allowed to re-vote today, he’d pick Oklahoma to win the conference. OU was picked to finish 6th in the preseason.

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