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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: OU signee Darrell Simpson added to the US Army All-American Bowl roster

Also, Lincoln Riley and Kirby Smart aren’t so different.

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SB Nation Recruiting

Hey, friends and fans! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been impatiently waiting for Monday to get here. Meanwhile, just a couple time zones to the west, the Oklahoma Sooners have been enjoying some fun in the sun. Now I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, but Ogbo looked slightly terrified for a second there. But hey, when in Rome, or in this case Disneyland:

at Ogbo’s face... Just wait for it.

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No matter what was going through his mind at the time, I know deep down he’s having a blast, as is the rest of the team. These guys deserve it, too. All work and no play takes all the fun out of the game, so live it up, fellas! Of course, only after doing your Georgia homework.

For today’s edition of Hot Links, Baker Mayfield was unavailable for press conferences because he was sick, this is only the second time in Ogbo Okoronkwo’s life that he has been on a thrill ride, Tom Herman mocks Drew Lock and more!

OU Links

  • Baker Mayfield was unable to join his teammates for the Disneyland festivities because of an illness. Lincoln Riley said he’s fine, and there’s no reason to doubt that. Monday is also four days from now. Nothing to see here. Absolute worst-case scenario: Baker Mayfield has a “Flu Game” like Michael Jordan.
  • Speaking of great basketball players, it’s not to late to purchase this Trae Young-insired shirt from BreakingT. These are high quality shirts that can be used to remind your friends that the best player in college basketball lives in Norman, OK.
  • I honestly can’t wait to check out all the different coverages for this game. Last season it was great to watch the Sugar Bowl from the SEC Network’s perspective. Those guys absolutely hated it.
  • Lincoln Riley and Kirby Smart have many things in common. One of the most telling similarities between them is their attention and involvement in recruiting. Now they have a chance to really see each other up-close as they prepare for the Rose Bowl.
  • Even though Riley is much younger than everybody on his coaching staff, the assistants all have a lot of respect for the young leader. Check out what Ruffin McNeill, Mike Stoops and others have to say about Lincoln.
  • Former OU punter Tress Way (sort of) invented a fart-themed card game. Read about it here.
  • Good stuff, here. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been my favorite movie in the Avengers arc so far, so you can bet I think this mash-up between Sooners and Guardians is dope. Also, Ogbo and the guys seem very relaxed, which should bode well for Monday.
  • Speaking of Okoronkwo, before he played football, his sights were set on becoming a pharmacist. Also, it took him a year before he finally let his parents know he was playing for his high school in Houston. After some tough times, Ogbo is a team captain who’s clicking on all cylinders.
  • There was a power outage at Disneyland during the Rose Bowl teams’ press conference yesterday. Too much Sooner magic. Must’ve blew a fuse.
  • Ehh, he’s a freshman. Freshmen tend to not know things.

Around the Sports World

  • During the latter stages of the Texas Bowl last night, Try-Hard Tom was seen openly mocking Missouri quarterback Drew Lock’s touchdown celebration. Of course, Missouri didn’t take too well to that at the time. However, Drew Look seemed to take it in stride later on.
  • On the set of Texas GameDay, Ricky Williams made a hilarious slip:
  • Hey, sometimes coffee is just way too hot:

Stick to Sports!

  • Dang, now I wish I would have started something like this way back when. Very cool.

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