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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Early Signing Period Edition


UTEP v Oklahoma Getty Images

Happy Early Signing Period Day, friends and fans! It’s a big day for the future of the Oklahoma Sooners’ football program, as coaches welcome in the new signees. With most of the 2018 class now signed, the next month and a half will feel a lot slower compared to other years as far as recruiting goes. Nevertheless, the guys who have already signed truly have that #OUDNA (as they say).

Now, the athletic department’s focused approach at being new and exciting just went to a whole new level with these signing videos. Custom videos, with the help of some special guests, were created for each and every signee. Check out TJ Pledger’s video below. The dynamic running back out of IMG Academy is undoubtedly pumped after seeing who picked out his card:

The idea for the cards is a simple one, but it makes a resounding statement. There’s a sense of finality to it. After all the hard work a recruit puts into his game, after the stressful process of being recruited, the player can celebrate in both old and new school ways. Sports cards were all the rage once upon a time, but only a select group of aficionados dabble in them today. Combine this concept with OU’s killer social media team, along with an Adrian Peterson appearance, and it doesn’t get any cooler than that.

For today’s Hot Links, check out more of the wicked awesome signee videos, and see who else participated on this monumental day for the Crimson and Cream. Plus, Trae Young went nuclear last night, and now he has Oklahoma basketball back on the map. Also, five-star defensive end Micah Parsons pulled a fast one on the Sooners, which was a bummer but not surprising. So scroll down now to check out all of that and more!

OU Links:

  • Kundarrius Taylor, a coveted athlete straight outta SEC country, was hand picked by Coach Simmons and Coach Gundy, and the man at the top approves:
  • Offensive tackle Brey Walker, the Sooners’ highest-rated signee overall, is in. Orlando Brown is looking mighty fresh, to boot:
  • For the first of what could be two epic bookends, Ronnie Perkins is a young man Sooner fans should be giddy to see once he steps onto the field. Also, Kenny Stills is cooler than I could ever dream of being:
  • From Ronnie to Ron, the second half of the d-end bookends. Ron Tatum is a big, strong dude with a mean streak on the gridiron. Coach McNeill sure does have himself another good one:
  • Jaqualyn Crawford is one of those athletes that makes other players look less athletic. He can do it all because he’s done it all. Also, am I the only one who thinks CeeDee Lamb should get more air time in the future? He’s quite the character:
  • Miguel Edwards, a Florida prospect with hopes of impacting his team with stellar defense, is welcomed by Eric Striker, another Floridian who did just that:
  • When I found out about these cards, I knew who Baker Mayfield would be welcoming. Sure, it was easy because he’s a quarterback, but Tanner Mordecai has been tearing it up in Waco. Even with Mayfield out of the fold, Oklahoma might have the best bunch of QBs in the nation come next season:
  • Beyond the early signing period and everything else surrounding the college football recruiting realm, what’s made this break in-between Sooner football much more bearable is the Sooner men’s basketball team. Not only are Lon Kruger’s guys playing excellent basketball, Trae Young has been nothing short of remarkable.
  • Speaking of Young, he’s receiving praise from all over the place.
  • After last night’s statistical explosion, I’m convinced Trae Young is either from the future or some other planet:

Around the Sports World

  • Lane Kiffin is cool, and the Florida Atlantic players have really bought into what he’s selling. They’re also a fun bunch to watch. I can hardly wait to welcome them to Norman next season! Oh, and this was hilarious:
  • OU target Micah Parsons, a five-star defensive end from Pennsylvania, has officially signed with Penn State. Most saw this coming, although he did manage to fake Sooner fans out with this video he released:

Stick to Sports!

  • Andy Serkis, the actor who is probably most notable for playing Gollum from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, is directing a new Jungle Book movie entitled ‘Mowgli.’ The cast is a good one, but it seems a bit soon after Jon Favreau’s was released a couple years ago.
  • If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you probably have an idea of who you believe are the most powerful Sith Lords of all time. Check out this list and see if you agree with who is number one.

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