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Oklahoma Sooners Football: According to Wikipedia, Baker Mayfield is Mike Gundy’s father

Once again, Oklahoma fans are having fun with Wikipedia.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners earned a big road win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys this past weekend in Stillwater. Since then, some new details pertaining to the rivalry have come to light. As it turns out, Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy is the son of Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. Well, at least he is according to Wikipedia.

Mike Gundy’s Wikipedia page as of 11/6 at 2:12 p.m. CT

I find it hard to believe that Baker Mayfield, who is much younger than Gundy, can be Gundy’s father. However, if we’ve learned anything from the past it’s that we should not doubt Baker Mayfield. That guy can do anything.

This isn’t the first time that an Oklahoma fan has had a bit of fun with Wikipedia following a big win. After OU defeated Ohio State in September, an OU fan updated Ohio Stadium’s Wikipedia page, which briefly stated that Mayfield was the owner of the Ohio State’s home stadium. As was the case in that instance, this Wikipedia edit will only last for a matter of minutes, but we still get to cherish it. After all, the internet never forgets.

As of now, Siri does not confirmed this information, but I feel as if it’s only a matter of time.