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Berry Tramel thinks Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield should be suspended

Berry Tramel, a columnist at The Oklahoman, believes that Baker Mayfield should be suspended for the West Virginia game because his gesture.

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Okay, I would like to begin today’s article by stating that I really do admire Berry Tramel as a writer. He has the ability to take you back to a time before you were born and make you feel as if you were actually there. He also has an endearing folksiness to him, but sometimes that folksiness produces takes such as the one he gave this morning. Yep, Berry Tramel believes that Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield should serve a one-game suspension for grabbing his crotch during the Kansas game.

Tramel has been at The Oklahoman (formerly The Daily Oklahoman) since 1991 and has been the paper’s lead sports columnist for quite some time. He’s isn’t an X’s and O’s genius, nor does he claim to be. However, years of hard work and experience have given the guy an insightful perspective on the sports world, especially the one that exists in our own backyard. He also tends to moralize a bit, operating under the assumption that everyone in his home state carries (or should carry) his system of values. Here’s an excerpt from his article on Mayfield:

“I know, the Jayhawks were accessories to the crime. KU's captains refusing to shake hands with Mayfield before the game was low class. The late and potentially dangerous hit by Kansas cornerback Hasan Defense was inexcusable.”

But no one who wears crimson, no one associated with OU, no one in the state of Oklahoma, should care. This isn't about Kansas. This isn't about ESPN. This isn't about political correctness. This is about doing what's right and about defending the Oklahoma brand.”

This is a fan base that idolizes Barry Switzer and The Boz. I’m more than certain that Tramel is aware of this fact. Therefore, he should also be aware of the fact that this isn’t a holier-than-thou fanbase. OU fans aren’t Iowa fans or Kansas State fans. Those people drone on about winning “the right way”. Those people might not embrace Baker’s behavior. Yes, Oklahoma is located in the Heartland, but OU fans appreciate outspoken figures who would be embraced on the coasts, and I think OU football’s past has a lot to do with that. Oklahomans — and OU fans in particular — don’t necessarily embrace cockiness or arrogance in everyday life, but many seem to wear it as a badge of honor in the context of sports. I’m not saying that OU fans condone Baker grabbing his crotch with cameras present, but I don’t think average OU fans are as outraged or appalled as he thinks they are.

Baker Mayfield “embarrassed his adopted state”? Speak for yourself, Berry.

Anyway, I still like Berry Tramel and his work — even if Russell Westbrook doesn’t. The man is an institution and I hope he’s around for a long time. However, the program isn’t going to run off the rails if Baker Mayfield plays a football game on Saturday.

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  • Following Saturday’s victory, Caleb Kelly came to the defense of Baker Mayfield. This just sort of demonstrates that Mayfield’s team really does have his back. They’d take a bullet for the guy, and his attitude and behavior play a big role in that.
  • Wow, Baker Mayfield is such a punk...
  • ESPN’s Dari Nowkhah, who is an OU alum, gave his thoughts on the whole thing. Again, most of us don’t condone what he did, but it’s not some unforgivable sin. It happened in the heat of the moment. We should move one.
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