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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: The Flawed Logic of the College Football Playoff Committee

Clemson appears to be getting a free pass for its loss to Syracuse.

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Hello once again, Sooner Nation! The new College Football Playoff rankings were unveiled last night and many fans are perplexed about the playoff committee’s logic. Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Sooners football team is in the middle of Kansas week. Overall, this weekend’s slate of football games doesn’t quite measure up to last weekend, but there’s still some potential for drama. Additionally, the college basketball season is now fully underway. The 1-0 OU men’s basketball squad hosts 0-1 Ball State tonight at 7, so you’ll definitely want to catch that game if you have not yet seen the Sooners ball out on the court. Here are more of the details for watching the game:

In today’s Hot Links, we’ve got lots of fallout from the release of the latest College Football Playoff rankings, a scenario where OU wins out and still gets left out of the top four, and an easy way to make five bucks if you’re the betting type.

OU Links

  • In case you missed it, the latest College Football Playoff Rankings were released last night. OU moved up one spot to number 4. It isn’t what most of us expected, but I firmly believe the Sooners still control their own destiny.
  • I tried not to get too worked up over the rankings this week, but after reading this, I just about lost my mind. Clearly Kirby and the gang are not aware of “things that transpire.”
  • The inaccuracies and inconsistencies are beyond absurd at this point. This is the least amount of faith I’ve had in the fairness of this committee since its inception. The arguments are so obvious they almost shouldn’t even be argued. Whatever.

National Links

  • There is a lot of smoke surrounding this one. It would be shocking to find out if this vehicle was impermissibly acquired. In the world of college basketball? No way this stuff happens, right?


  • Looks like it’s time to get super cereal about breakfast:

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