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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Sooners in the Top 5, Baker Mayfield’s road record, recruiting and more!

Championship November has arrived for the Oklahoma Sooners!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks. How’s your Bedlam week? Personally, mine is full of the usual emotions, a mixture of building excitement and unstoppable anxiety. It’s finally November, which means it’s finally the best month for college football.

Let’s get into some links!

OU Links:

  • Bedlam is one of the most lopsided rivalries in any sport, ever. ESPN discussed how sad it has been for Oklahoma State fans.
  • After two days of OU fans losing their minds over the AP polls ranking Ohio State so far above the Oklahoma Sooners, the CFP rankings came out last night and placed the Sooners at No. 5, one spot ahead of the Buckeyes and just shy of a playoff slot.
  • For the second time this season, Mark Andrews is the tight end of the week. Congrats, Mark! We love you.
  • It can be daunting to play Bedlam in Stillwater rather than within the confines of Gaylord Memorial, but not to worry. Our quarterback has never lost a true road game in an OU jersey.
  • Check out this short profile of Bobby Evans, whose entire family is connected to and loves OU.
  • Speaking of the Evans family...
  • On the recruiting front, weekend visitor Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles decommitted from Nebraska yesterday. Radley-Hiles is an IMG teammate of TJ Pledger, and the two are both originally from California and very close.
  • Speaking of weekend visitors, highly-touted defensive end Micah Parsons will announce his commitment later this month.

National Links:

  • The World Series this year has been incredible, even if baseball isn’t your favorite sport. Game 7 will start tonight at 7:20 p.m. CT tonight.
  • Guys, something wild happened this year in the NFL. The trade deadline actually mattered and teams actually made big moves. Here’s a full summary of the mayhem.
  • Speaking of the NFL, it’s hard to tell which teams are for real this season, but Geoff Schwartz took a crack at figuring it out.
  • It’s all come full circle for Brock Osweiler, who will start for the Broncos this Sunday, after leaving for the Texans last year, then getting traded to the Browns (just to get his salary off the Texans’ cap) and being released and re-signed.
  • How do you feel about candy corn? Mike Leach is not a fan (I am also not a fan):

“Stick to Sports!”:

  • Thor: Ragnarok comes out tomorrow, and I am very excited.
  • Also, for my Stranger Things fans out there (I love Steve):