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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Best of #FireMikeStoops on Twitter

The vociferous hashtag has produced some gems during and after Saturday’s debacle in Norman.

West Virginia  v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Deep down, I was still holding on to the hope that Saturday was just a dream (read: nightmare) and I’d awaken Sunday morning to the Oklahoma Sooners comfortably holding on to the nation’s No. 3 ranking after a convincing home win against the Iowa State Cyclones — a team down a starting quarterback and entering Norman a heavy road underdog. I’d hoped I’d have awakened to learn of an OU win as dominant as the 31-point spread predicted, and all was well as Sooner Nation began gearing up for #HateTexas week.

I was unfortunately mistaken. That shit was real, and none of us will ever forget it. Unless, of course, I am still dreaming and it’s a dream-within-a-dream scenario a la Inception or Rick and Morty and eventually I will...nope. It really happened.

There were a few things that went wrong on both sides of the ball in Saturday stunning loss — some more obvious than others — but I’m sure many fans including myself are left still wondering just what the hell we watched take place this past weekend on Owen Field. As always, the Twitterverse has its ideas on how to fix the glaring issues plaguing the 2017 Sooners and as Jack mentioned in his post-game reaction piece that we published yesterday, one particular hashtag has really caught on:

I think this is Mike’s final season Norman. That’s not exactly a hot take. Do yourselves a favor and search #FireMikeStoops on Twitter. Are all of these tweets intelligent or level-headed? Absolutely not, but this sort of reinforces the belief that he’ll never be able to regain the trust of the fan base again.

There are indeed many #FireMikeStoops gems if you search the hashtag. The tweets continue to be tweeted into this new game week and likely will through the rest of the season. They come with a wide range of emotions and sentiments. So, naturally, we’ve compiled some of the best for you to enjoy in the aftermath of one of the most perplexing, stunning and frustrating games in recent Oklahoma football history.

Note: Not all of these contain the hashtag, but most do.

We’ll start with some of the mild:

And move to the analytical...

There were also the hopeful:

And the NSFW:

But, most importantly, there were the hilarious...

Mikey Stoops quickly came to his own defense.

He also gave his own theories on Saturday afternoon’s happenings.

Hmm, interesting points, Mikey. These were also tweeted during the game:

That explains it all. Honest mistake, I guess. Here’s something else that must’ve really hampered things in the booth:

Yeah, also understandable. We just hope fans keep their composure through all of this.

This may get ugly, folks. And you may need something a little stronger, buddy.

As you would come to expect from our fine society, there is now a Twitter account to match the hashtag.

Sometimes, Twitter resembles a place where people really can agree on things:

An artist’s rendition of destruction by cyclone on a sunny Saturday in Norman:

Speaking of RJ Young, here’s his always passionate take on the Sooner topic at hand:

There was even some inspiration from Sunday’s NFL games:

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan and a guy who doesn’t typically like to advocate people getting fired, I actually believe the Cowboys should #HireMikeStoops.

I am also a guy who likes to end things on a good note. Take care of yourselves this week, Sooner Nation. And remember...

And that it’s also time to direct all that hate to Texas. And Mia Khalifa.

Oh, and it’s almost basketball season. #BoomerSooner