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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Sooners to wear all-crimson alternate uniform combo for first time

The Oklahoma Sooners will go with the red-red-red combo on Saturday vs. Iowa State.

Tulane v Oklahoma


For the first time in history, the Oklahoma Sooners will wear an all-crimson uniform on Saturday against the Iowa State Cyclones. It also marks the second time in as many games that the Sooners will wear the Rough Rider alternate uniforms.

I’ve been wanting to see this combo for a very long time (only three years, I guess), and I’m curious to see how the red pants look with the red jerseys. Honestly, I was sort of expecting OU to go with the cream-crimson-cream combo because of the whole “Stripe the Stadium” thing, but I’m thrilled that they’re using this combo for the first time.

Thus far, may favorite combination has been crimson-crimson-cream, which is what OU wore last season against Kansas State. Some people don’t like that wood-grain crimson helmet, but I’ve always thought it was fire. Any combination with the red helmet is going to look good, honestly.

Since 2014, the Sooners have a 6-1 record while wearing the Rough Rider uniforms.