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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot links: A position change for Ricky DeBerry, Star Wars hair, and more!

Former blue-chip recruit Ricky DeBerry has moved to the other side of the ball for Oklahoma.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Hey Sooner fans! So last night in the NL Wild Card game, the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Colorado Rockies with the help of this triple by pitcher Archie Bradley:

The reason this is notable is because Bradley is not only an Okie from Muskogee, he was also a high school QB recruit (and Elite 11 finalist!) committed to the Oklahoma Sooners before ultimately being drafted 7th overall by the D-Backs. I think it’s safe to say he made the right decision (a decision that was probably coming all along).

In other news, Coach Riley announced that LB Ricky DeBerry has been moved to H-back. From a feel-good story like Bradley’s to a plot-twisting mystery like the DeBerry saga, today’s edition of the Hot Links are sure to pique your interests as sports fans:

OU Links:

  • The latest big news coming out of the football department is that LB Ricky Deberry has made the switch from defense to offense. DeBerry was a highly-rated prospect coming out of high school, but his career hasn’t panned out the way many had expected. With DeBerry now in the backfield (sort of), the hope is that he’s eventually more productive in his new role.
  • With the game against Iowa State a couple days away, here are 5 things you should know about the Cyclones.
  • This Sooner team never ceases to make me proud, starting at the top with our head coach:

National Links:

  • In remembrance of the lives lost and affected by the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, UNLV will wear these helmets. Wow, this gives me chills.

Stick to Sports!

  • If you haven’t heard of Jeopardy sensation Austin Rogers, check him out in this segment of Good Morning America. In a perfect world, there would be more game show contestants like Rogers.

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