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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Kansas State Pump-Up Edition

Get up, it’s game day! Here’s some stuff to get you pumped up for Oklahoma’s game against Kansas State.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Happy Game Day, Sooner fans! After traveling south of the Red River to beat the Texas Longhorns last Saturday, the Oklahoma Sooners now find themselves across the other border in Manhattan, Kansas, aka the Little Apple. The Kansas State Wildcats have struggled somewhat up to this point of the season, but with Bill Snyder still roaming their sidelines, the Sooners need to be dialed in all game long. Every week and Toby Rowland produce a Scene Setter to get you ready for the big game. Check it out in the link below!

Also, Coach Riley posted another fiery hot video that should inspire you to do something great.

“Championships aren’t just built on game day. They’re built every day.”

In today’s links, you’ll read about what storylines you should be watching for during the game, why this OU squad likes playing in other people’s stadiums, and how Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is paying the price for going beast mode on a ref. Check out the Hot Links now!

OU Links:

  • After hearing it from more than a couple different players, I now believe them when they say that this team is an away team. What that means is that they not only perform their best on the road, but they also relish those opportunities. That brings me a little solace heading into the game today, but I can’t relax completely just yet.
  • The NBA is back, and former Oklahoma Sooner and current Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield had himself a solid game in a win against the Dallas Mavs. Go Buddy!
  • Staying on the OU basketball front, point guard Trae Young is about as talented as they come, and he intends on doing the city of Norman proud.

National Links:

  • The talk that dominated most sports headlines on Friday was the Marshawn Lynch incident that happened during the Chiefs - Raiders game. As expected, Lynch has been suspended one game for running out onto the field and making contact with an official. C’mon, man!
  • As a side note, I thought this was hilarious. I don’t think CeeDee Lamb did this after he was (wrongfully) disqualified in the Tulane game, but if he had I wouldn’t have been terribly upset.

‘Stick to Sports!’:

  • Have you ever wondered where Luke Skywalker may have been during the Battle of Jakku? If so, there’s a new Star Wars novel that may hold the answer to that and more.
  • Fans of the popular animated series Rick and Morty should definitely check this out. Basically, they eat alien food from the cartoon show and you get to watch in disgust and amusement. You’re welcome.

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