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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Lincoln Riley faces Bill Snyder in a matchup of youth and experience

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley, 34, faces Kansas State’s Bill Snyder, 78, on Saturday

Kansas State  v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, everyone! The weekend is almost here. Everyone loves a good game at Owen Field, but it’s also kind of nice to have an away game after the Red River Showdown, since many of us used up just about every ounce of energy (and way too much money) in Dallas. Personally, I’m really excited for this game. It’ll be a good indicator for us of how the next few weeks of tough conference opens is going to go. Here’s some links!

OU Links:

  • On Saturday, the youngest head coach in FBS football takes on the oldest one, which definitely adds an interesting angle to the matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and Kansas State Wildcats. Earlier this week, Riley stated that he definitely didn’t want to coach at Bill Snyder’s age. For perspective, Riley would be coaching in 2061 if he stayed in the profession for that long. Here’s to hoping that the experienced and wise Bill Snyder doesn’t outfox the wunderkind on Saturday.
  • Randy Garibay, OU’s Director of Conduct and Accountability and de facto team dad, lost his brother just a day before the OU-Texas game. Garibay told the team to play for his brother, and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo used that to fuel his performance. This is a pretty great story from Brooke Pryor, so you should definitely check it out.
  • Former Sooner basketball star and current NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales caught up with some of our favorite OU football players in London leading up to the Cardinals’ matchup on Sunday.
  • This week, in Lincoln Riley and Bill Snyder, the youngest and oldest coaches in the FBS, respectively, will face off when the Sooners head to Manhattan, Kansas. When Snyder coached his first game, Lincoln was six-years-old.
  • Get to know OU’s freshman linebacker Kenneth Murray in this short questionnaire put together by OU Athletics. He’s had some growing pains, but he’s done well at his position considering how inexperienced he is.
  • ICYMI: The Big 12 basketball preseason poll has been released and OU is predicted to finish 6th in the conference.

National Links:

  • Here’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen. Unranked Kansas plays TCU on national television this week at 7 PM and the Jayhawk fans are furious about it.
  • Who’s on the NCAA football hot seat this season? None of these names are particularly suprising, but they do give interesting insights regarding coaches you may not think about too often.
  • It’s important to know your enemy, and Bill Connelly’s in-depth analysis of Mike Gundy’s crazy OSU offense, as well as how it became that way, allows us to do just that.
  • The OKC Thunder face off against the Knicks in their first game of the season tonight, and Carmelo Anthony discussed what that, and this season, mean for him.
  • I love this fan:

“Stick to Sports!”:

Netflix and Marvel released their first trailer for The Punisher series, which exists in the same universe as The Defenders and all those heroes. Here are some thoughts on how it looks so far (Spoiler: It looks very dark).