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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Baker Mayfield has the last laugh against Texas


Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Richard W. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Having a rough Monday? Well, it’s obviously better than you last Monday, so cheer up!

The Oklahoma Sooners were able to defeat Texas on Saturday despite the best efforts of the Big 12 officiating crew, who seemed to only be concerned for the safety of one team. And despite obvious holds on pretty much every passing down, Oklahoma’s defense got the job done by playing with a fire that we haven’t seen since Columbus. Perhaps the most satisfying moment of the day came when Baker Mayfield trotted of the field one final time wearing the Golden Hat.

The Austin native lost his first two games against Texas (including one as Texas Tech’s QB). However, Mayfield will forever be known as a Longhorn killer after a pair of great performances in 2016 and 2017. UT fans can make all the jokes they want about his arrest, but they have very little to hold over him at this point. He’ll forever be their daddy.

Now it’s time to laugh at Texas fans...

OU Links:

  • An AP photo taken by Roy Jenkins started to circulate around social media this weekend, and it is absolutely glorious. The expressions on every face are priceless. I need to have this blown up and hung on my wall.
  • Plenty of people have had some fun with this photo, but this is one of my favorites:
  • So, about those holds.... Here’s a compilation of five obvious holds from Saturday. These were more than this, but these were some of the worst. Was the defense perfect on Saturday? No, but the performance would’ve looked much better on paper had some of these actually been called.
  • Austin Seibert his had a few bumps along the way this season, but the kid really played well against Texas. However, he was snubbed for the Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week award. Seibert made his feelings known:
  • OU showed a ton of heart this weekend, but they’ll have to replicate that effort for several more weeks. Bob Przybylo writes about that exact thing here.
  • Speaking of heart and effort, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo was rewarded for it on Monday.
  • Oklahoma has been able to get off to fast starts in three consecutive games. Unfortunately, they’ve blown a big lead in all three games. That has to change.
  • What was somewhat lost in Saturday’s win was the effort displayed by Caleb Kelly and Kenneth Murray. Kelly was particularly strong after struggling against Iowa State.
  • He’s baaaaaaaack...

National Links: