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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: A chance at redemption in an unpredictable rivalry

The Oklahoma Sooners can vault themselves right back into the thick of things with a win over Texas.

Evans leaves the Cotton Bowl Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hello everyone! Happy Red River’s Eve. I hope wherever you are, you’re relaxing, and if your week’s not quite over yet, I hope it will be soon. At this point, it’s ridiculous for anyone to ask any of us to do anything or even think about anything over than tomorrow’s game. If someone is asking you to do something, check out the links below to procrastinate and/or to spite them (or just to get more hyped, because honestly you can never be too hyped for OU-Texas).

OU Links:

  • We all know that this rivalry is unpredictable. But how unpredictable?
  • First up, check out Sports Illustrated’s predictions for the week. They’re not bad, especially in the Oklahoma department. Nielsen talks about the Iowa State game being a fluke (I’m not quite buying that), which happens to everyone. Last weekend, I wanted to hit the panic button, but I was just hurting. But he’s right. Last year’s national champions lost to Pitt. Tomorrow could be a great time for Riley and the boys to bounce back.
  • Jack’s conversation with Cody Daniel of Burnt Orange Nation about the game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns is now up, and it’s absolutely riveting journalism, in case you haven’t had a chance to read it yet. (Possible) hyperbole aside, it’s always great to read about opponents from their fans’ perspectives.
  • ICYMI, we interviewed Roy Williams!
  • The OU Daily put out what I can only call a work of art yesterday slamming our greatest rivals. It’s as close to perfect as I think you can get.
  • Defensive tackle Marquise Overton discussed his excitement/anxiety about OU-Texas this weekend with the Tulsa World now that he’s in the starting lineup. I, too, am both excited and anxious. Did anyone else travel down to Dallas with, like, an inordinate amount of Tums? If not, I’ve got you covered.
  • A mural was finished this week on OU’s campus corner to celebrate the district’s 100th anniversary. The piece includes the school’s first Heisman winner, Billy Vessels, and basketball star Wayman Tisdale. Honestly, thinking about all of my personal memories there as well as the century-long history of the Corner makes me a little misty and I’m not ashamed.
  • So... Lincoln Riley’s parents are UT alums. I guess we’ll let it slide.
  • Many of Oklahoma’s freshmen from outside of the region, so they weren’t necessarily familiar with OU-Texas before coming to Norman. Jay Boulware is going out of his way to educate them.
  • The OU Daily’s George Stoia picked the top 5 OU-Texas games since 2000. He’s pretty objective with the list, and I think he did a good job.

National Links:

“Stick to Sports”:

  • If you’ve never watched “Nathan for You” on Comedy Central, you are missing out. Rolling Stone did a great profile of the show’s creator and star, Nathan Fielder, in case you don’t believe me/don’t want to watch a preview video.
  • Oh! Also, a high school in Baltimore got evacuated for an absolutely hilarious reason. Better safe than sorry?