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Hot Links: The Natty, #SoonerSquad17, Life After Football, and More

The season’s just about over, but we’re just getting started

College Football Playoff National Championship - Head Coaches News Conference Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

With the exception of the looming (and exciting!) National Championship game between ‘Bama and Clemson, college football is over. As someone who works the vast majority of my yearly hours between August and January, it’s a bittersweet feeling. We have to wait until next fall to watch football again? Then again, waking up at 5 A.M. for a rooster kickoff can definitely wait until then.

There’s no reason to despair just because football’s over, though. Definitely take in the ‘ship, but also perhaps learn to love a new sport—like basketball (hey, that Russell Westbrook guy seems pretty good, right?), baseball (I’m just’s a pretty good time to be a Cubs fan) or hockey (Canadians are pretty whimsical and hockey seems kind of like football on ice). There’s a whole world of sports out there to appreciate, so you might as well dig in while you can.

Speaking of the championship game: an Oklahoma native will be playing for the Tide. True freshman tailback Josh Jacobs out of Tulsa McLain went from being a forgotten recruit—his best offers were from Wyoming and New Mexico State—to landing a scholarship at the nation’s premier powerhouse. Yeah, yeah, I can already hear your groans at the byline—but Jenni Carlson did a great job highlighting a phenomenal story.

OU Links

National Links

  • Today’s the day! The National Championship game—a rematch of last year’s Alabama-Clemson matchup—starts at 7 P.M. CST. In a wonderful and very silly turn of events, Les Miles will join ESPN’s broadcast tonight. This should be interesting:
  • Unfortunately, the pirate ship inside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa won’t be operational tonight. For shame. We all know damn well that cannons increase the enjoyment of football.
  • The hype video Nick Saban is allegedly showing his team is incredible. It’s a master class in hype, frankly—’Bama is in no way an underdog in this game. The Muhammad Ali underdog talk interspersed with ESPN talking heads naysaying Alabama is enough to make me want to run through a wall for the man.
  • Sad college football fans. Because everybody hurts...sometimes.