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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting: K’Jakyre Daley Reaffirms Commitment to OU

The outside linebacker prospect is no longer scheduled to visit Florida State

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Outside linebacker prospect K’Jakyre Daley has been committed to the Sooners since October, and today he reaffirmed that commitment.

This may not seem like much of a statement on the surface, but it’s relevant when considering the circumstances. As of late, Florida State has been trying to woo the West Palm Beach native away from the Sooners. Because of this, many in the recruiting world saw Daley as a potential flip. In fact, Daley was scheduled to visit Tallahassee next Friday. But after sending this tweet, Daley let us know he would no longer be making that visit.

This is some outstanding news for the Sooner coaches, who are trying like hell to keep this elite recruiting class intact. While Daley may not be ranked highly as a prospect (No. 778 overall in the 247 Composite rankings), it’s easy to see why he impresses the likes of Oklahoma and Florida State.

The first thing that comes to mind while watching his highlights is that the guy looks the part. His potential is through the roof, as he clearly possesses the size and speed to get things done at the collegiate level. This guy can be an absolute force on defense if given a year or two to finely tune his skills.

This talented dude is spurning a powerhouse in his home state to come to Norman, and it’s largely because the OU staff did its homework. They offered a scholarship last February to a guy who wasn’t on the radar of many big-name schools at the time, and it appears to have paid off against FSU (who didn’t offer until last month).

Five years ago, Oklahoma was able to pull another overlooked defensive prospect out of the Sunshine State. I think A.J. McCarron is still having nightmares about him.