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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Last Thoughts Before Crashing the Frog Pad

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Good riddance, you wretched September.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

As SaintSooner eloquently outlined in his last edition of BULLETPOINTS, the Roman gods have had their way with Oklahoma all month. But as we’ve had two weeks to lament away the last game the Sooners played, I’ve concluded the Sooners’ September woes could be attributed to another related metaphysical phenomenon: Mercury Retrograde. Yep, it is a real thing. I am now a believer. And I have proof...

When the planet associated with communication is in a backwards motion, things said or done can be misunderstood and go wrong easily and often — like mistaking your friend or spouse’s words, accidentally hitting “reply all” instead of “delete” on a questionable email thread, a TPS Report making it to all the bosses’ desks without the proper cover memo — all standard modus operandi for chatty messenger Mercury doing the moonwalk across the heavens.

Proof #1: On-Field Miscommunication

Mercury’s tricks were on display all over the field against tOSU. Player talk such as “hey, you need help covering that huge guy with a bunch of touchdowns in the end zone?” or “think they’re running the same play again?” are examples of the Sooner defense’s communication that was clearly lost in planetary shuffle on that confusing, thunder-stormy evening in central Oklahoma.

Proof #2: Austin Kendall

What the young back-up must’ve meant to say on a local program he somehow (and likely accidentally) ended up on was “Basically, these guys (The Ohio State University) have a good defense.” No refresher needed on how that ended up coming out. But knowing what we all clearly do now (Roman gods and planetary trickery), can you really blame a young guy for accidentally (and grossly) misquoting himself when Mercury is retrograding? Me neither.

So I take it we’re all on the same wavelength now. Mercury ran roughshod through September with the eager and bustling ease of a Curtis Samuel touchdown. But tomorrow is indeed a new day, a welcomed new month — a new beginning. Mercury is now back to moving forward in direct motion. And I believe Bob Stoops, by shutting his guys down from accidentally misquoting themselves ever again in public and hopefully cooking up the right type of burgers to appease the appropriate gods, appears to have made the proper adjustments and sacrifices to ensure we all enjoy harmonious, retrograde-free football for the weeks to come.

Speaking of the football...

Oklahoma @ TCU - Aside from how the Sooners start early, here are just a couple of things I’ll be watching tomorrow:

1) Jordan Thomas and Co. vs. TCU Wide Receivers: If the OU defense fails to contain another elusive, athletic quarterback or fails to seal the edge early and allows TCU’s run game to get going early, then The Trill One will find space to make plays and find John Diarse, Taj Williams or Desmon White for big plays downfield. The pass rush and front will need to find production from the young guys in the absence of Matt Dimon and Tay Evans. But from Jack’s Q&A this week with TCU’s Frogs’O’War, I’ve learned that the ‘Frogs’ receiving core has channeled their inner Clifford Franklin and dropped a nation-high 17 passes on the season. Hopefully, none of them channels their inner Noah Brown this week.

2) OU on Offense: Run the ball — but also with the right guys in the right places through the entire game. As Samaje Perine has had time to get healthy and find his form, is Joe Mixon becoming the guy now? He needs to be a bigger part of the mix — early, and all day. Also, keep Baker upright and avoid Ty Summers through the evening. It’s time for Baker to get back to playing like himself. TCU and his ol’ pal GP will be bringing heat. It might be tough to keep the big-play bug in check, but Baker’s scrambling theatrics were obviously a big part of OU’s success last season. I expect a few more plays outside the pocket to be made tomorrow, hopefully to fellow Sooners downfield.

3) Stay disciplined, and tackle: Simple as that.

Prediction: TCU 35 OU 31 — another one down to the wire, but I’m not sure I can take this Sooners team on the road over Gary Patterson at home.

Houston v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Texas at Oklahoma State – Pokes at home. No more words from me on these two.

Wisconsin at Michigan - Badgers rough road continues on, and after a great win at Sparty last week, the slipper drops and they lose the next two — this week against Michigan and Ohio State in two weeks. UM 35, UW 13

Louisville at Clemson - Needless to say, the hype is alive and well for this one, and rightfully so. Lamar Jackson could seal up the Heisman with another performance like he had against Florida State…or Brent Venables and the nation’s top defense could contain the electric playmaker in Death Valley. I’m with Jack on this one: Clemson 31, UL 23

Enjoy all the football on the first (and hopefully wonderful) Saturday in October, friends...Boomer!