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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Why We Hate TCU

Just in case you needed a reason

Iowa State v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Ladies and gentleman, it's time for conference play for the Oklahoma Sooners. After the brutal gauntlet that was Oklahoma's non-conference schedule, frankly it's nice to come back to play the conference that Bob Stoops has dominated since he got to Norman. In case you were thinking about getting complacent, we'll be here to remind you exactly why we hate all the teams in our conference. So read up, take to the comment sections across the internet, and don't let anybody tell you to calm down.

This week we face off against the Big 12's newest purple team. This is why we hate them.

Because they dress terribly

It may seem petty or insignificant, but we all have eyes. That means we all have to look at these every once in a while when we tune in to watch a TCU game. This is a horned frog on a desert mission, and it's ridiculous. Plus, one of my biggest pet-peeves in all of college football is teams wearing gray uniforms when gray is not actually part of their color scheme. There are a lot of cool color combinations for uniforms, but teams need to accept that not all of those combinations actually fall under the spectrum of their school colors. Oklahoma is "old money," and we don't need these flashy kids all over our lawn. Speaking of being too flashy, let's not forget that TCU's current quarterback decided he should be called Kenny Trill....

Because if Oklahoma is old money, TCU is definitely new money

TCU announced they'd be taking their talents to the Big 12 in 2011. Don't get me wrong, we're happy to have them here (even though obviously we still hate them), but they need to learn their place. In just their third year in the conference, they tied with Baylor for the conference championship, giving the College Football Playoff Committee a convenient excuse to look elsewhere for the four teams it would use to fill in its first bracket.

I'm not saying TCU should be bad on purpose. The truth is, though, that no one likes the new person in the office who starts showing off to impress the boss. The powers at be like their status, and new teams with weird camouflage uniforms don't need to be coming in here trying to mess it up. And they certainly don't need to be vandalizing Heisman statues.

Because Baker Mayfield does

Not worried about uniforms or teams trying to steal OU's Thunder? Well Baker Mayfield has some more reasons you should hate TCU. Mayfield and TCU coach Gary Patterson have exchanged words through the media recently about why TCU didn't offer him a scholarship and how the whole thing went down. TCU apprently holds a special place in Mayfield's heart, and it's not a good one. If you thought to yourself that it's actually a good thing that Mayfield didn't sign with TCU, you thought right. However, we still don't need opposing coaches talking to the media about how much they didn't like a player's dad. I'm glad Mayfield eventually found his way to Norman, but Patterson should be better than that.

After Mayfield missed the whole second half against TCU after this helmet-to-helmet blow, don't expect him to have any kinder feelings toward TCU this year. You shouldn't either.

Because Losing Sucks

Most of all, let's not forget that our disdain for TCU started back in 2005, after the Horned Frogs beat OU 17-10 in Norman, handing the Sooners their first home loss since 1998. It was a brutal loss for Oklahoma, and it's not the only time TCU has had success against the Sooners. Throughout history, Oklahoma is just 10-5 against TCU (including a mere 7-4 record before they joined the Big 12). Patterson is a good coach who puts together good teams, and TCU is proving to be a major obstacle each and every year on the quest for a Big 12 championship. It's been over twenty years since Oklahoma started a season 1-3 or worse, and TCU will be doing their best to break that streak on Saturday. A loss in Fort Worth would officially take the preseason #3 team into disaster territory moving forward. If that's not enough to show you why you should hate TCU, I don't know what is.