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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Austin Kendall Provides Ohio State with Bulletin Board Material

OU freshman refers to Ohio State defense as “basic” and says Mayfield will “light them up”

NCAA Football: Texas Kickoff-Oklahoma vs Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While speaking with Chris Plank on Sooner Sports TV on Tuesday evening, Oklahoma freshman quarterback Austin Kendall put his foot in his mouth.

I’ll give Austin a bit of a break here. He was clearly referring to Ohio State’s defensive scheme as something that isn’t overly complicated. I don’t think there’s any possible way that he was referring to Ohio State’s talent, which is considerable. As far as the “light them up” statement is concerned, it was just a case of Kendall having confidence in his quarterback (and himself), but he definitely could’ve done a better job choosing his words. Will Ohio State’s defense take the words of a freshman backup with very little media experience to heart? I certainly hope not.

Kendall actually looked pretty sharp on his last two drives against Louisiana-Monroe, but I think it goes without saying that won’t be lighting up the Buckeyes if he’s called upon this Saturday. We’d just have to hope that he survives, because we’d probably have to go to the Wildcat if not.

UPDATE: Ohio State players have definitely caught wind of Kendall’s statements: