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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Boz and Bo Meet Again

Bo Jackson has already embarrassed the former Sooner once

Kansas State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

In 1987, Brian Bosworth’s career in the NFL was off to a fast start. He was the talk of the town in Seattle, and he was receiving plenty of face time nationally. He had used his successful (albeit controversial) career at Oklahoma to turn himself into a star, and he was shining even brighter in the NFL. Before facing the Raiders on Monday Night Football, Boz aimed to bring more attention to himself by claiming that he was going to shut down Bo Jackson. On Monday night, everything blew up in his face.

Two years ago, Bosworth was featured in ESPN’s 30 for 30 film entitled “Brian and the Boz”, which was part of his recent effort to reshape his image. Another solid effort came this week when he was featured in a commercial with none other than Bo Jackson.


I had a good laugh at this one, though I think it probably would have been funnier if Bo had hit him with the car. We’d see Boz flying through the air in slow motion saying something along the lines of “Not again!” or whatever.

We’re seeing The Boz’s face a lot more since the release of the 30 for 30, which is definitely a good thing. He’s a really charismatic guy, and he definitely belongs in the public eye.