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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Reviewing Bob’s Monday Presser

Stoops indicated that OU could someday let Mixon talk to the media

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

On Monday, Bob Stoops had his weekly press conference, and there were a few interesting tidbits to take from it.

Ward’s injury looked pretty serious at the time, but when you saw him in street clothes acting normally on the sideline, you figured he was probably fine and was kept out for precautionary reasons. We obviously can’t afford to have Charles walker miss another big game, since it didn’t work out so well for OU last time. Regarding Brooks, Stoops has to feel confident with what he saw from Abdul Adams and his ability to be OU’s third back on Saturday.

The secondary was still pretty suspect on Saturday, and if the coaches are in fact still unsure of who will be the second corner against Ohio State, that should worry you. When Cobb was burned deep on the first series of the third quarter, it didn’t appear to be solely his fault (it appeared that Sunderland was supposed to help). Nonetheless, receivers for UL-Monroe were open fairly regularly, and a better quarterback likely would’ve made OU pay.

OSU’s finish in Stillwater was one of the oddest things in recent memory. There’s a difference between missing a hold or, dare I say, not seeing that Allen Patrick recovered a ball. This isn’t a case of a bad judgement call or a referee not seeing something, it’s a simple misunderstanding of the rules on the part of the officials. Even the fifth-down play during the Colorado/Missouri game involved a (horrible) mistake and not a complete lack of knowledge of the rules of football. That’s what sets all of this apart from any other call in recent memory. I despise OSU, but no one deserves that.

Well, THAT’S interesting. Growing up in the state of Ohio but following Michigan more is not a common thing. Stoops, however, is clearly a contrarian, so I guess it isn’t that surprising.

YEEEEESSSS! This is the kind of thing that everyone wants to hear. Gallimore probably has more upside than anyone on the defense, and we’re all wanting to see more of this:

Huh. Guess the process ended after the Houston game.

With the exception of situations in which it is required (bowl games, for instance), I don’t really see this happening while he’s at OU. He was required to be made available for the Orange Bowl, and it went pretty terribly for Mixon and OU. Whenever he’s made available, the media have to ask questions about the incident. An entire media session of “no comment” is never a good look. I don’t think it would be a terrible idea for him to be made available after the civil suit is over. Let him answer a few of the questions regarding the incident, and let him release a statement with the help of the communications department. However, he may be done playing by the time it’s resolved, which is why I don’t see it happening.