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Meet the Sooners Day: Do’s and Don’ts

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University of Oregon Ducks v Oklahoma Sooners Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jack Shields, Matt Ravis, Kartik Rajendran, Clay Vaughan and Alex Fatkin have created a comprehensive list of what and WHAT NOT to do at Saturday’s Meet the Sooners Day at Memorial Stadium.



It’s been almost nine months since Sooner fans have had a chance to tailgate in Norman (unless you are one of the “real fans” and tailgate the spring game), so get down there early and pop open a coldie. This event is intended for children 14 and under, which means it’s the perfect time to get your children acclimated to the Norman tradition of tailgating on Saturdays.

Get a look at Perine’s arms

An annoying question you might think about asking a coach is “Do you think we will be able to run the ball this season?” Well, get one up-close-and-personal look at Perine’s biceps and that should answer the question. We’ve heard folks try to compare his arms to being as round as dinner plates or the size of watermelons, but we’re sure he would be honored to have them measured against any child’s torso or head. Just trust us, they’re real… and they’re SPECTACULAR.

Challenge Baker Mayfield to a dance-off

Baker has the potential to build on what was a great season, but what we really want to know about are his new moves. We could all use a little humbling anyway.

Along the same lines, ask Baker Mayfield what his handshake dance with Russell Westbrook would be and offer to practice it with him.

Get everyone involved, so an all-out handshake party breaks out.

Ask if they miss Trevor Knight's play

DO IT. Do it for comedy's sake.


Play Pokemon Go near the South Endzone

It is indeed sad that he knows this, but one of us is a grad student and has taken a summer class on campus since Pokemon Go came out. The campus is loaded with Pokestops, gyms, and all sorts of Pokemon. But please, don’t let yourself or your children run after a level 16 Rattata under the South Endzone. In fact, if you see anyone playing Pokemon Go while there is anything football-related happening in or around Memorial Stadium, slap his or her phone away from them.

Instruct your kids to get autographs and then flip them on eBay

Seriously. That's creepy and there's a 100% chance you're an awful parent if you do so.

Ask players what their favorite Campus Corner institution is

Pickleman's or Sugers?

Ask DeDe Westbrook about his thoughts on his older brother’s new contract

For that matter, leave Logan Roberson and Abdul Adams alone, too.

Ask Jordan Thomas how his summer went

You can ask seriously if you really, really want to know, but we'd advise against any summer talk with JT. No matter how funny you think you are, OU Fan guy, you, please follow this advice soundly.

Be a fanboy

Dads, leave your Mayfield jerseys at home and put on a nice Sooner polo. Everyone appreciates the enthusiasm, but you don’t want to be the 52-year-old introducing your child to a student athlete while wearing his jersey.