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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Depth Chart is OUT!

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Jonathan Alvarez will start at the center position after competition with Eric Wren

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images


A few things of note:

  • Alzarez seems to have fended of Eric Wren at the center position for the time being. The buzz around the program was that the walk-on had a very realistic chance of taking the spot, but I guess it didn’t quite happen.
  • Samia is staying at the tackle position with Bobby Evans as his backup. It seemed like there was a decent chance of Evans starting, which would have allowed Samia to move to guard. The coaches must’ve been impressed enough with Ford and Dalton to keep Samia where he was a year ago.
  • Mykel Jones is not listed on the depth chart, but I wouldn’t fret about it too much. Jones is only a true freshman, and he’ll have his opportunities to to work his way into the rotation. Hell, he may even be in the rotation without being listed on the depth chart.
  • Geno Lewis is NOT one of the starters for the opener, which surprises me slightly. I figured that his ability as a jump-ball receiver could earn him a spot, but I guess not.
  • Matt Romar is listed behind Wade, which likely indicates that he will be a game-time decision.
  • Gallimore is listed third at one of the DE spots behind Matt Dimon and Austin Roberts, which likely means he is still a ways away from cracking the rotation.
  • Parrish is listed as a backup AHEAD of PJ Mbanasor, which is very surprising considering the fact that he’s only been on campus for a short time.
  • Walk-on Ruben Hunter is listed behind Jordan Evans as one of the second inside linebackers. Not sure if that says more about Hunter or our lack of depth, but we’ll see.
  • Based on the use of OR at the outside linebacker positions, I think we’ll see a variety of pass rushers this seasons, which really excites me.