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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Mark Clayton’s Headphones Gaining Traction

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The former OU standout has designed headphones specifically for athletic activity

Clayton tries to sidestep Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Former OU wide receiver Mark Clayton has designed headphones intended specifically for athletic activity, and they seem to be gaining some traction.

According to Tim Newcomb at SI, “The key behind LIVV lies in the SureFit band, which uses tension to keep the wireless headphones in place.” With LIVV, you are able to adjust the amount of tension to suit your comfort level.

Clayton has apparently been working on the headphones since 2012, and it looks like the hard work is finally paying off with some publicity. It seems like an incredibly cool idea. Even though I’m not much for physical activity, I’d definitely like to try these out.

According to Clayton, you’ll be able to see NFL players wearing the headphones during warmups, so keep an eye out for these when you’re watching pregame coverage on Sundays this fall.

Sooner fans will remember Clayton as Jason White and Nate Hybl’s go-to guys from 2001-2004, and he was an incredibly special player. Before the arrival of Ryan Broyles and Sterling Shepard, Clayton was considered the best receiver in OU history. He went on to a seven-year career with the Ravens and Rams in which he accumulated 65 starts. It looks like he’s becoming quite a success off the field, as well.