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OU Ranked No. 2 by AP in All-Time Top 100

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Texas v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A bit of additional mystique has been added to the Sept. 17 matchup in Norman between OU and Ohio State, as the Associated Press has released its All-Time AP College Football Poll.

Per the AP:

So, this just adds another storyline to what was already going to be one of the most - if not THE most - hyped games of the 2016 non-conference slate. Twitter is already full of Bama fans who think the poll is “bias”, though they do have 10 AP Championships and a reason to complain about the methodology. This, however, is a great reflection of how dominant the Sooners have been during the Poll Era, and it’s definitely something for us to brag about.

Other notable appearances include Nebraska (No. 6) Texas (No. 8) and Okie State (No. 43).

One other observation is that Iowa Pre-Flight cracked the poll at No. 98. They were only active during part of WWII (1942-44) and kicked some serious ass during that time.