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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Catching Up On Some Sooners in the NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Thought we could all use a quick rundown of some notable Sooners making news in the NFL. You can find a listing of all current Sooners playing pro football here so take a look if you have time. Last season, Business Insider listed the schools with most NFL players, with OU making the top 10 just behind Notre Dame. Among the 40+ Sooners in the running for NFL roster spots this season, we’ll see how a few established names are faring as well as young ones fighting to make theirs heard.

Sam Bradford looked pretty sharp in last night’s preseason game against the Steelers. He went 14-19 passes and 115 yards in the 17-0 road win, and though the offense didn’t look particularly explosive, Bradford didn’t take any big hits on the night. So, that’s pretty awesome.

Not so awesome was Bradford’s QB counterpart last evening, Landry Jones, who didn’t enjoy his finest outing in the black and gold. I’ll just leave it at that.

Earlier in the week, the Eagles also picked up Dorial Green-Beckham in a trade with the Titans. Though he was never able to suit up and see the field in his brief time in Norman, at least we know of one former Sooner QB who hopes he can stay on the field in Philadelphia and establish a good rhythm with the offense. A big target like DGB could be the breakthrough at WR Bradford’s desperately lacked, among other things, through his entire career. (Side note: I still wonder what could’ve been had DGB and Baker Mayfield been granted eligibility in 2014…)

Aaron Colvin has had a bumpy road so far in Jacksonville, with injury and an upcoming suspension cutting into his budding career as it tries to get off the ground. But he is back with the Jags at practice and will be available to play this preseason. Once done serving his four-game suspension, Colvin is expected to see the field in up-and-coming Jags secondary.

Tony Jefferson looks to step up as a voice in the Arizona locker room akin to how he turnt up while at Oklahoma. No reason to believe this defense lets up any time soon, and Jefferson has only seen his playing time, and productivity, increase under the creativity of the Cards’ defensive staff. TJ could be making noise all year.

Lane Johnson, you ask? Well, my answer is I have no answers. But check out Bleeding Green Nation’s take to catch up on this latest saga.

DeMarco Murray continues to acclimate well post-Dallas. After a solid showing last week, the former Cowboy-turned-Eagle-now-Titan running back apparently enjoyed an outstanding week in Tennessee. A fumble, a skirmish with a teammate and a breakaway TD in practice… sounds like DeMarco’s seen more excitement on the field this week in Nashville than all of last season in Philly. (To note, I don’t believe Brennan Clay was involved in any of this.)

Some rookie notes:

Eric Striker continues to fight for a chance in a loaded Buffalo Bills defense. Though he’s shown some progress in practice, with his specialized skill set he still sits deep on the depth chart. Not to be discouraged though, Strike will find a way to get on the field. Here’s hoping Rex Ryan makes it happen.

Meanwhile, Charles Tapper looks to have found a promising spot in Dallas, as Cowboy fans hope the former Sooner standout at defensive end improves the team’s pass rush despite missing last week’s preseason opener against the Rams with a sore back.

Zack Sanchez is also looking to find time in a loaded Panthers defense, but the early expectations are encouraging. Josh Norman is no longer in Carolina, and currently the depth chart lists Zack at second string, so we know he’ll see the field. If the plays start to come his way and he can snag a pick or two, this could end up being a good spot for him.

You can find more at Sooner Sports on how these and other NFL Sooners fared in week 1 of the preseason, including Devante Bond who is getting some first team reps with the Bucs, and Dominique Alexander, who despite going undrafted has been given a chance in Cleveland to showcase his talent.

Another item of note, there is no significant offseason news to report on a one Adrian Peterson. And that’s pretty awesome, too.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this highlight from Sterling Shepard, soon-to-be starting WR for the New York Giants.