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Nick Basquine: Patience, Faith, Confidence and Talent

Nick Basquine—a Norman North product—may surprise this season

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Norman native and wide receiver Nick Basquine had eight scholarship offers—including offers from Wyoming and New Mexico—but not one from Oklahoma. Still, Basque spurned a scholarship in order to stay at home and become a Sooner. Committing without a scholarship offer was a risky move for Basquine, but it appears as if he may be on the way to fielding an offer from coach Stoops.

Coming out of Norman North, where he earned a spot as a first-team all-stater, Basquine was talented and promising but did not have the body required to play D1 football. He’s definitely paid his dues with the scout team.

Although it took him a few years to get on the field, Basquine first impressed in the spring and has continued to do so into the fall. Quarterback baker Mayfield complimented his hands and ball skills, but mostly spoke to Basquine’s dedication:

“He’s been working his butt off for the past two years to get his body right. Physically, he looks a lot better than he did when he came in. You can say, yeah, he was a freshman when he came in, but he looks very good right now. He looks like he should be starting. I’m proud for his work ethic, because he went out all last year and you could see all the extra work he was doing.”

Mayfield also added that Basquine may end up being a starter at wide receiver, or at the very least a heavily featured rotation player.

And Mayfield knows a thing or two about working his way up from walk-on status. Basquine cites his faith and confidence as reasons why he’s been able to make such a leap. It certainly takes a lot of each to turn down scholarship offers in favor of playing at a power five school.

Still, the receiving corps is seeming a bit crowded, with Westbrook, Baxter, Andrews, Lewis, Jones, Smallwood, Green, and company all vying for catches. Luckily, it seems as if Basquine has a special kind of determination that special players have used as a ladder to vaunt themselves to the firmament of college football. Expect big things.