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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Neville Gallimore's Time to Shine

Neville Gallimore in High School
Neville Gallimore in High School
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We have a tendency to hype recruits up beyond belief and then forget about them almost within a year, if they don't make an immediate impact. I believe that is the case with almost every highly rated recruit that doesn't come in and make an immediate impact and set the college football world on fire.

You know who else didn't make an immediate impact during his time in Norman?

Gerald McCoy

Now I am not ready to say that Neville Gallimore will be the next Gerald McCoy, as that is some incredibly large shoes to fill. Gallimore however should he reach his potential is that kind of player.

Gallimore's football adjustment was steep, as regardless of how dominant he was, the competition wasn't super great in Ontario. Gallimore could have gone to basically any school in the country. He is that talented. And now coming off a redshirt season, I expect him to begin to show out on the field this season. I don't think you will see him become immediately dominant, but as the season progresses and his experience level continues to increase, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Gallimore be a force.

Season Prediction: Gallimore will be a key reserve on the defensive line rotation to start the season, but at the end of the year, Sooner fans will be clamoring for him to start.