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Oklahoma Sooners 2017 QB Commit Chris Robison (Dance Moves, Who He is Recruiting and More)

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Chris Robison
Chris Robison
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The Sooners class of 2017 is already stacked with a bunch of talent. That talent begins with 4-Star QB Chris Robinson 6-2/190 of Mesquite, TX. Robison is the leader of the Sooners class of 2017 and is actively in involved in recruiting other players to join him. He has continually proven himself to be one of the best players in the class of 2017, and in my estimation will have EVERY opportunity to be the Sooners quarterback of the future. With that being said there is another side of Robison that you may not know.

Want to know Robison's favorites NFL QB?

Want to know Robison's hidden talent?

Want to know Robison's biggest strength and weakness?

Want know his favorite food?

Want to know who he is recruiting to come and join him in the class of 2017?

Click the video below to learn a bit more about the unquestioned leader of the Sooners class of 2017.