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2016 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 57 Days!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In 2008 the Oklahoma Sooners were unmerciful when it came to putting their high-powered offense against opposing defenses. OU began the season with three consecutive 50-plus point games, starting with a 57-2 thrashing of Tennessee Chattanooga.

There weren't a whole lot of highlight moments for Oklahoma's Heisman quarterback that day, as Sam Bradford produced a modest 183 passing yards and two touchdowns. This was a game that absolutely belonged to OU's rushing attack and defense. DeMarco Murray averaged 8.3 yards per carry and scored twice on his way to a 124 yard performance (on just 15 carries) and Chris Brown added three more scores from the ground.

Mocs quarterback Tony Pastore ended the day with just 20 yards through the air, and Chattanooga managed to only muster 36 total yards of offense and just two first downs. The player of the game for the Mocs was clearly Jeff Lloyd who punted 13 times for 502 yards.