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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | Sooners 2016 OL Signee Still Not On Campus

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

2016 4-Star OL JohnCarlo Valentin is noticeably absent from the official football roster at So the obvious questions about his ability to qualify and why he isn't listed are starting to swirl.

Before the rumors get out of control we must say that it could be a situation where with graduation, finalizing paperwork, and moving halfway across the country that things are just taking a bit longer than usual. However, it's hard to ignore the smoke with this one. Time will obviously tell, but the further we get into July the less likely it becomes that a key part of the 2016 class will make it to Norman.

While not a crushing blow, it's never good to lose a guy that could easily factor in at either guard position after a redshirt season.  Here's to hoping that everything works out, as losing depth and potential difference makers across the offensive or defensive lines is never a good thing.