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It’s Time For Me To Ride Off Into The Sunset

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Thank you! That's honestly the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my ten years as the editor or Crimson And Cream Machine. Thank you to Peter Bean for recruiting me to write for SB Nation and to launch the site. Thank you to Luke Zimmerman and Matt Brown for being outstanding league managers for the college blogs. Thank you to our great writing staff. Thank you to Toby Rowland, Chris Plank, Brendan Flynn, and Karl Anderson for a great relationship with the University of Oklahoma. Most importantly, thank you to you. Without you, our loyal readers, CCM would have never grown to the site that it is today. You are, and have always been, the reason why we started the site.

As much fun as it has been over the last ten years, it's now time for me to walk away and leave CCM in the capable hands of SB Nation. I've loved every second of it but life has reached the point for me where I just can't devote the time and attention that you guys need to keep it great.

I'm not fully disappearing from the innerwebs though. I'll still be around making a snarky post or comment here and there. Also, beginning August 1st you'll be able to catch me at Heartland Sports doing what I love to do, blogging about the Sooners. You could show some love by giving a Twitter follow to @SportsHeartland. I'll also still be around here until July 31st.

Don't worry, CCM isn't going anywhere! In fact, it'll most likely get even better as Vox Media and SB Nation continue to evolve into a major player in sports media. If you'd like to apply to write for or even manage the site then shoot me an email at crimsonandcreammachine at yahoo dot com and I'll make sure to connect you to the right folks.

I seriously mean this when I say that you guys are the best. Thanks for a great ride.