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Oklahoma Sooners Making a Big Push for Florida OLB K'Jakrye Daley

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Sooner fans might want to learn how to pronounce K'Jakrye Daley 6-4/215 from Riviera Beach, FL. While he might be a new name to many who follow recruiting, there is little doubt the Sooner coaches are seriously recruiting the talented outside line backer from Florida.

Sooners assistant coach Chip Viney even alluded to Daley in a tweet indirectly letting the world know that the Sooners have him at or near the top of their outside linebacker recruiting board.

So just what type of player could the Sooners be getting in Daley. First, he has the prototypical size to fit as an outside linebacker in the 3-4. His frame will allow him to play at 240+ with ease. He also is a natural pass rusher, and a violent tackler.

The Sooners will have competition for Daley in Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Mississippi State, but I believe that should the Sooners continue to push for him, this is a battle that they can surely win.