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Oklahoma Sooners 2 - Auburn Tigers 1 | Notes & Quotes

Rich DeCray SBN

Oklahoma Sooners Quotes

I felt our team definitely took the hard road through this. We had to open up with Alabama, and that was a very tough game, and then on to -- who did we play next? Michigan, LSU. We played some of the best in the country, so I definitely feel like this team earned every second of our success because they played from the first pitch to the last. - Oklahoma head coach Patty Gasso on the tournament

It was one of the most fantastic feelings that I've ever had in my whole life. Our fans this year have been so vital to all of the things that we've done. They've supported us so much, and to have all of them here and to have all of our families here, as well, just meant so much to us, and it was just incredible to get to share this feeling with them, as well. - Paige Parker on having the crowd behind her

Yeah, I would say the connection this team has with their fans is very, very special. We have something that a lot of programs don't, and that's Sooner tradition. This university is something incredible, and I think anyone that's a part of it could say that. As a senior, I can't thank our fans enough. Playing here has been the greatest four years of my life. - Erin Miller on the fans

I just was determined to not let them score. I knew how hard our offense was working, and I wanted them to have freedom to play. And so it was just about going out there and in those tough situations being even tougher. Going to another level and just being determined to not let them score. - Paige Parker on getting out of the bases-loaded jam

Auburn Tigers Quotes

I mean, I don't get it. That's never happened before, but it happened today. It slipped. - Emily Carosone on her first inning error that allowed OU to score

Paige is a quality pitcher.  I mean, the rest that she had, her velocity was up a little bit compared to what she was the first day.  Her movement was a little bit more.  When you're rested, you pitch better, and she's an outstanding pitcher.  You don't win 35, 36, 37 games like she has and not be, especially for a program like Oklahoma.  She pitched well. - Clint Myers on Paige Parker

Just like facing any other pitcher.  I mean, you're going against the best of the best when you come to the College World Series.  She did her thing.  I mean, she came in there and shut us down.  A couple of us had great at-bats, and just seeing the ball was great, knowing that my last at-bat, I mean, it wasn't a hit, but she did her thing.  She's a great pitcher and she came in and shut us down. - Jade Rhodes on Paige Parker

Game Notes

  • Oklahoma's 2-1 win was the lowest scoring Game 3 in WCWS history. 

  • Oklahoma made its fourth appearance in the Championship Game or Championship Series (2000, '12, '13, '16), while Auburn appeared for the first time in school history.
  • The Sooners become just the third team to win at least three national titles, joining UCLA (11 titles) and Arizona (8 titles).
  • Oklahoma improved to 22-15 at the Women's College World Series. The Sooners are tied for fourth all-time with 22 WCWS victories.
  • Paige Parker's five wins in the 2016 WCWS are tied for the second-most ever by a pitcher. The sophomore's 38 wins rank as the most in OU history.
  • Auburn's Jade Rhodes' three homers were the most by a single player at this year's WCWS. The senior's nine RBI are tied for the fifth-most in a single WCWS. She finished the season with 20 home runs.
  • Oklahoma finished with six doubles plays which ties for the second most in WCWS history. Auburn turned six in 2015. Florida holds the record with seven in 2014.