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2016 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 90 Days

Neville Gallimore
Neville Gallimore
Student Sports

Hey we are one day closer. When thinking about this post I thought about listing 90 reasons why the Texas Longhorns are the worst program ever. Then I thought that it would make the post too long to read. So with that in mind, I will highlight redshirt freshman defensive tackle Neville Gallimore. Gallimore will be wearing number 90 this year for the Sooners and should begin to live up to his hype coming out of high school.

Gallimore was one of the best defensive tackles in the country in the class of 2015. Hailing from Canada, Gallimore chose the Sooners over schools like Ohio State, Alabama, and USC. His skill set is obvious. Not many people can move like he can while being 6-3/320.

While the Sooners depth at defensive tackle is pretty stout, I fully expect Gallimore to make his mark in Norman beginning this season. There is not another player outside of Charles Walker on the Sooners defensive line that has the talent of Gallimore. He is a 1st round draft pick type of player if everything comes together for him and he avoids injuries.